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Justice for All



Global Transformation - a world where all have access to clean water bringing and sustaining life, health hope and possibility.


Ours is a global initiative, our purpose is to change the course of people's lives in underserved communities bringing sustainable solutions for clean, accessible water, community development, education and other resources allowing for this and future generations to not only survive but thrive.

What makes us different? 

We bring unique experiences and capabilities.

Our team and expertise.

Our team is a collection of experienced Global Water, Human Rights and Environmental Advocates, Philanthropists, Non Profit Executives, Oil and Gas Production, Drilling and Reservoir Specialists,  Environmental Engineers, Missionaries, Servant Leaders and Agents of Reconciliation and Water Well Drilling Experts to include 550+ wells drilled in Central America with over 1 million lives affected.

The impact we make is meaningful to our "partners" and "supporters".

We are passionate and committed to solving the water crisis in our lifetime. We use our rich expertise and deep relationships to develop and provide resources that are sustainable and community-owned. We believe in accountability and transparency to all the people we serve including our donors, our communities and our teams. Through our experiences, we have seen lasting change and benefits that pave the way for people to flourish-through good health, improved education, stable livelihoods and access to hope for a better future. Every gift is directly connected to a community, every gift unlocks a story, a life, a future-every gift brings possibility and every gift has an impact that lasts.

"Indeed the water I give them will become in them a spring of

water welling up to Eternal Life"

John 4:14

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